002 kitchen dreams.

i have a dream. of a black and white kitchen with wooden and pink accents. fortunately for me, own new rental apartment will allow just that!

kitchen and dining
this is the kitchen and dining area, empty and waiting for us to move in

white and wood are already there. with our white table and black chairs, the black and whiteness will be achieved. all that remains is the pink accents part. and a bit of wooden purchases.

plate, glass and cutlery
our plates are black. our glasses are transparent. and our cutlery is greyish.

i purchased the plates from a flea market many, many years ago. they’re still in great shape, and they weren’t very expensive back then. a great find! the glasses are a christmas presents, if i remember correctly, and they’re from iittala. the cutlery is ikea’s tillsätta.

cutting boards
cutting boards i need to decide between

these cutting boards are both absolutely beautiful. the one with the handle is rustik from lagerhaus, the one without a handle is aptitlig from ikea. both quite cheap (rustik is approximately 25 €, aptitlig is approximately 10 €), both absolutely stunning.

a tablecloth and a rug
a tablecloth and a rug, both from h&m home

the tablecloth and the rug i’ve already ordered online. sadly there is no h&m home near where i live, the closest is a three-hour drive away, so i seldom go there.

plus i have pink curtains i once upon a time bought from a facebook flea market group. sound too pink? not in my opinion!