005 green.

i am terribly wary of green. i love it in plants, but other than that i find it terribly hard to use in any way. curtains? sofas? throws? rugs? i can’t do it. to inspire myself to pursue the great color green… i’ll do a quick search of green decor stuff, and post them here.

because i’m addicted

green rug. such a beautiful color, but alas, i don’t think i could ever use this kind of green. too overpowering. too overwhelming. i don’t know. i wish i could use this particular green, but i have absolutely no idea how to. pair it with the purest of whites and the dullest of greige?

lilly bunn
lilly bunn

a green sofa would be spectacular. perhaps a deep green color such as the one pictured above. but again – i find it hard to use green. again, it’s been paired with whites and greiges, so i think i might be on to something.

Recently Updated1248

a green chair. pair it with crisp white and bright wood, and you have an eye catcher that you are bound to love.

creative knitting magazine

a green throw. an easy way to incorporate a bit of green – besides plants – into a living room or a bedroom. not overpowering enough to cause problems but visible enough to be an eye catcher. a green throw is an inexpensive way of brightening up the color palette of a room in which you relax.

nutshell edition: pair green with crisp, light colors, and you get a marvelous color palette. for extra excitement, pair it with purple like in the sofa picture (the pillow is purple, in case you missed it).